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Christian Counseling Services 'Near Me' in Wooster

Looking for compassionate and faith-based Christian counseling services in Wooster, Ohio? Have you tried the search “Christian counseling near me?” If you have been searching for “Christian counseling services near me,” look no further than Redeemed Christian Counseling.

With over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, our team is well-equipped to provide support and guidance for a broad range of mental health and pastoral care issues.

Whether you’re dealing with trauma, substance abuse, or sexual offenses, we have the expertise to assist you.

With our pastoral care services, you can trust that you’ll receive holistic and compassionate help. Discover a safe and supportive environment to grow and heal.

Through our Christian counseling services, we strive to lead change through:

  • Transforming lives through faith-based counseling.
  • Expertise in healing trauma and addiction.
  • Empowering at-risk youth to thrive.
  • Holistic approach for lasting change.
  • Spiritual guidance for personal growth.
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Why We Offer Christian Counseling Services in Wooster

Located in Northeast Ohio, Wooster is a thriving community that offers a high quality of life for its residents and numerous opportunities for businesses. With its charming downtown area, excellent schools, and various recreational amenities, Wooster has consistently been recognized as one of the best hometowns in Ohio.

Wooster has a Vibrant Downtown

One of the standout features of Wooster is its vibrant downtown. Lined with unique shops, restaurants, and local businesses, the downtown area serves as a hub of activity and a gathering place for the community.

Residents and visitors alike can enjoy leisurely strolls along the tree-lined streets, browsing through a variety of stores, and dining at diverse eateries that cater to a range of tastes. This lively atmosphere fosters a strong sense of community and provides ample opportunities for local entrepreneurs to thrive.

Wooster Offers a Range of Educational Opportunities

Education is another strong suit of Wooster. The city is home to the prestigious College of Wooster, a nationally recognized liberal arts institution. The presence of this esteemed college contributes to a culture of learning and fosters a strong intellectual community.

Ohio State University is renowned for its top agricultural research center located in Wooster. Its scientists and researchers have made significant contributions to the field of agriculture, leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative research methods. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

In addition to the college and OSU, Wooster boasts excellent public, private, and Christian schools, ensuring a high standard of education for students of all ages. The commitment to education in Wooster is evident in its well-rounded curriculum and dedicated educators.

photo of trees and open grass at Secrest Arboretum in Wooster, Ohio

Wooster Boasts Many Parks and Miles of Walking and Bike Paths

For nature enthusiasts, Wooster offers an abundance of parks and green spaces to explore. From the beautiful landscapes of Secrest Arboretum on the OSU campus to the recreational facilities at Christmas Run Park, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

The city is also actively expanding its network of walking and bike paths, enabling residents to easily navigate the area on two legs or two wheels and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Wooster is a Great Place to Live and Do Business

Wooster has been twice named a Best Hometown in Ohio, and in 2017 it appeared on a list in MONEY magazine about the Top 100 Cities to live in the United States. (Wooster ranked No. 37, the highest-rated Ohio town.)

Wooster’s economic growth is another reason why it is an attractive place to live and do business. The city has consistently appeared on lists highlighting its economic potential and opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as being named a top place to live.

With a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and education, Wooster provides a stable and supportive environment for businesses to flourish. The presence of the Ohio Light Opera, a nationally renowned company, also adds a cultural dimension to the city’s economic landscape.

Overall, living and doing business in Wooster, Ohio offers a multitude of benefits. From its vibrant downtown to its excellent schools, abundant parks, and growing economy, Wooster provides a high quality of life for its residents and a conducive environment for businesses to prosper.

With its strong sense of community and commitment to growth, Wooster continues to attract individuals and enterprises seeking a place to call home.

Redeemed Christian Counseling is the “Christian counseling services near me” you have been looking for

Whether you are looking to transform yourself through faith-based counseling, seeking help with trauma or addiction, looking for a holistic approach to becoming healthier, or wanting spiritual guidance to grow personally, Redeemed Christian Counseling is here for you.

For these reasons and more, this is why Redeemed Christian Counseling offers its mental health and Christian counseling services in Wooster.

20+ years of experience

About Emily Frazier

Emily Frazier is a highly qualified Licensed Independent Social Worker with over 20 years of diverse experience in the mental health field. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from The University of Akron. 

Her background includes working in residential treatment, outpatient therapy, and specialized trauma and substance abuse cases. Emily Frazier has been a clinical director and has taught classes at the University of Akron. She is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. 

She integrates her Christian faith into her practice, emphasizing spiritual growth. Emily Frazier is committed to ethical practice, education, and compassionate care. Redeemed Christian Counseling in Wooster, Ohio offers a holistic approach to therapy and is ready to support individuals on their healing journey towards spiritual growth and enriched relationships.